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Aloha and welcome.  It is my passion to help individuals cope with many of life's challenges.  By providing a safe space in therapy, I believe that individuals have the capacity to heal, thrive, and make meaningful changes.    

Dr. Cecily Sakai, Psychologist LLC

Aloha and Welcome.  It takes tremendous strength to seek out psychological services for personal struggles.  Whether you have been to therapy in the past or find yourself seeking therapy for the first time, my goal is to help you overcome hardships, improve your health and well-being, develop a greater mind and body connection, and cultivate nurturing relationships with yourself and others. 


People have the capacity to heal and make meaningful changes in their lives through the therapy process.  I am passionate about assisting individuals in developing new insights and experiences in order to better navigate difficult aspects of their lives.  I use my knowledge, skills, compassion, and attunement to assist clients in alleviating feelings of distress and moving closer to their goals and values. 

In your process of deciding to begin therapy and choosing a therapist, please feel free to explore my website and contact me with any questions you might have.

Photography by Cecily Sakai

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