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Q:  How do I make an appointment?

A.  You may contact me via phone #(808) 223-5373 to schedule an appointment.

Q:  What days and times do you offer therapy appointments?

A.  Weekday telehealth appointments are available.  I do not offer in-person, evening or weekend appointments at this time.


Q:  What can I expect when beginning therapy with you?

A.  Sessions are typically 50-60 minutes.  During the first 1-3 sessions, you will have the opportunity to explore issues bringing you in to therapy.  I may ask questions about yourself including your history, relationships, feelings, and goals and aspirations.  At the end of session, I may summarize and offer suggestions. 


Q:  What should I consider when choosing a therapist?

A.  In addition to considering a therapist's clinical education, training, and expertise, it is important for you to evaluate your comfort in working with a therapist.  The initial therapy appointments should be used to determine whether you feel comfortable moving forward.

Q:  How many sessions will it take to address my concerns?

A.  Frequency and length of treatment depend on your specific goals and circumstances.  I provide both time-limited and longer-term therapy.

Q:  Can I continue to work with you through telehealth if I move out of state?

A.  No.  I am licensed to see clients in Hawaii.  Therefore, I am unable to see clients if they relocate to another state.  

Q:  Do you prescribe medication?

A.  No.  However, when appropriate, clients may be referred for a medication evaluation with a psychiatrist.


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